New Era

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Ini adalah post yang terakhir bagi blog ini. Setiap yang bermula pasti akan berakhir dan pasti akan bermula lagi… Aku bukan berhenti menaip tapi dalam proses memindah ‘rumah’. InsyaAllah post2 yang akan datang akan dicoretkan di . Jadi rajin-rajinlah check kalau nak tahu apa yang baru.

Di samping itu aku dalam usaha untuk membina photoblog aku yang tersendiri. At the moment still dalam research dan test-mengetest. Kenapa aku buat photoblog ni? Sebenarnya saja-saja aje aku nk buat mende nih. Syok sendiri la katakan 😀 .hehehe. Tak adalah. Saja aku buat untuk membaik diri dalam pelbagai skill dan ilmu. Tak ada la asyik nak melangot buku-buku or paperwork project yg berlambak dan tak berkesudahan tu.

Penghasilan mende-mende ini tidak akan berjaya tanpa pertolongan Acu aku yang sememangnya expert dalam IT dan graphics. Credit to him. Kalau nak check hasil kerja dia bole usha di sini. sini, sini dan sini.

Jemput-jemput singgah di ‘rumah’ baru aku nanti….



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Rough, originally uploaded by IzaD’s playground…jiwa kabus ribut.

Photo ini diambil pada hari Sabtu (15/12) di taman yg aku dah lupe namenye dekat Sheffield selepas crash course in photography yg dibimbing oleh aku.. Dibimbing je bukan diajar okay sebab aku bukannya hebat sgt. Ilmu pun still cetek dan aku blaja benda baru setiap hari dan kalo boleh ape yg aku belajar dpt aku sampaikan di blog ini jika ada kesempatan..

Terima kasih kpd Sheffield Malaysian Students Association yg sudi menjemput aku untuk meyampaikan satu dua mende yg aku tau walaupun tak banyak. Semua yg dtg memang menunjukkan minat dalam bidang fotografi nih.. InsyaAllah kalau ada sambutan kita buat part 2 plak dan mungkin aku boleh lebihkan kepada post-processing sbb hari tu pun tak sempat nk explore Ps byk2.

Berbalik kepada gambar ini, aku abiskan hampir 1 jam utk edit dalam Ps. 2 gambar aku ubahkan exposurenya di Lr seblum mengabungkan kedua-dua exposure ni dalam Ps… A bit untidy la kalau tgk betul2 tp kira ok ape..hehehe..

100 Things I’ve Learned About Photography

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“Since I found photography two and a half years ago I have learned different things which I would like to share with you today. These lessons have made me richer and I hope that you will find them refreshing and inspiring on your journey with the camera, too. ”

1. Never do photography to become a rock-star.
2. Enjoy what you are shooting.
3. Prepare well for your shooting, realizing that your battery isn’t charge when you’re setting up for that sunrise shoot is too late!
4. Always take one warm garment more than you actually need with you
5. Pay attention to your thoughts and emotions while you are shooting
6. Set goals you can achieve
7. Write tips about photography, because writing is also learning
8. Never go shooting without a tripod
9. Be pleased with the little prosperities
10. Build relationships with potential photo buddies
11. Watch the place you want to shoot first with your heart then with the camera
12. Always stay calm
13. Know that you tend to overestimate yourself
14. Perspective is the killer
15. Dedicate yourself to photography, but never browbeat yourself too much
16. Take part in a photography community
17. Keep your camera clean
18. Never compare yourself to others in a better or worse context
19. Find your own style of photography
20. Try to compose more and to hit the shutter less

21. Seek out and learn to accept critique on your images
22. Do something different to recover creativity
23. Get inspiration from the work of other photographers
24. Criticize honestly but respectfully
25. Get feedback from your lady
26. Don’t copy other photographer’s style
27. Be bold
28. Take care of the golden ratio
29. 10mm rocks!
30. Take selfportraits
31. Read books about photography
32. To give a landscapephotograph the extra boost, integrate a person (maybe yourself)
33. Every shooting situation is different than you expect
34. Pay attention to s-curves and lines
35. Always shoot in RAW

36. Keep your sensor clean, so you can save some work cleaning your image in post production
37. Discover the things you think are beautiful
38. It takes time to become a good photographer
39. The best equipment is that what you have now
40. You can’t take photographs of everything
41. Break the rules of photography knowingly, but not your camera Wink
42. Pay attention to the different way that light falls on different parts of your scene
43. The eye moves to the point of contrast
44. Clouds increase the atmosphere of a landscape
45. Start a photoblog
46. Accept praise and say “thank you”
47. ‘Nice Shot’ is not a very useful comment to write
48. ‘Amazing!’ isn’t useful either. Try to describe specifically what you like or don’t like about an image.
49. You are not your camera
50. Ask a question at the end of your comment on a photo to get a ping-pong conversation with the photographer
51. Do a review of your archives on a regular basis, the longer you photograph – the more diamonds are hidden there
52. Always clarify what the eyecatcher (focal point) will be in your image
53. No image is better than a bad one
54. Everyone has to start little
55. Your opinion about photography is important!
56. Leave a funny but thoughtful comment
57. Speak about your experiences with your photo buddies
58. Limit your photograph to the substance
59. Participate in Photocontests

60. Post processing = Optimizing your image to the best result
61. Shoot exposure latitudes as often as possible
62. Use photomatix as seldom as possible, HDR’s always have a synthetic flavor
63. Always remember what brought you to photography
64. Never shoot a person who doensn’t want to be photographed
65. Always turn arround, sometimes the better image is behind you
66. It’s who’s behind the camera, not the camera
67. Mistakes are allowed! The more mistakes you make, the more you learn!
68. If you have an idea and immediately you think : No, this is not going to work – Do it anyway. When in doubt – always shoot.
69. Understand and look to your histogramm while shooting. It delivers very important information about your image
70. Know your camera, because searching the menu button in the night is time you don’t want to waste
71. Shoot as often as possible
72. Believe in yourself

73. Don’t be afraid of getting dirty
74. Pay attention to qualitiy in your image
75. Your photographs are a personal map of your psyche
76. Re-check your ISO-Settings. It’s aweful to detect the wrong settings on your screen.

77. Be thankful for long and thoughtful comments on your images
78. Never trust your LCD. Normally it is brighter and sharper as the original image.
79. Provide for enough disc space, because it’s cheap and you will need it.
80. Learn to enjoy beautful moments when you don’t have a camera with you.
81. Always arrive at least half an hour earlier before sunrise / sundown, composing in a hurry is a bad thing.
82. Try to amplify your mental and physical limits. Takes some extra shots when you think “it’s enough”
83. Pay attention to structures in the sky and wait until they fit into structures in the foreground
84. Visit the same place as often as possible. Light never shows the same mountain.
85. Print your images in big size. You will love it.
86. Calibrate your monitor. Working with a monitor that is not accurate is like being together with someone you can’t trust. It always ends badly.
87. Don’t think about what others may say about your image. If you like it, it’s worth publishing.
88. Never address reproaches to yourself. Learn from your mistakes and look forward, not backward.
89. Fight your laziness ! Creativitiy comes after discipline.
90. Ask yourself : What do you want to express in your images ?
91. Always try to think outside the box, collect new ideas about photographs you could do and ask yourself : Why not?
92. Search for a mentor.

93. Photography is never a waste of time.
94. Every community has it’s downsides. Don’t leave it out of an emotional response.
95. There will always be people who will not like what you are doing.
96. Henri Cartier-Bresson was right when he said that “Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst.”
97. A better camera doesn’t guarantee better images.
98. Always have printing in mind when you postprocess your images.
99. Photography is fair : You gain publicity with the quality of your images. Unless the images are stolen, there is no way of cheating yourself higher.
100. Write a 100 things list

article and photos by Martin Gommel

martin website :


List diatas diambil dari sorg German photographer yg bernama Martin Gommel. Hampir quarter telah aku blaja dari list di atas. Aku memang dah observe style dia lama dah melaui flickr dan photos yg dipamerkan memang superb. Post-processing dia memang aku kagum giler. Bila la aku nk power gunakan photoshop nih.. Ilmu cetek lg ni..adeh


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Seminggu-dua ini aku agak sibuk dengan projek dengan dateline untuk hantar Interim Report aku hanya tinggal beberapa hari ie. Isnin depan. So tak banyak update dapat dibuat walaupun aku dah tulis beberapa drafts yang hanya tunggu untuk dipost dalam blog ni.

Limitation yang terdapat dalam blog seringkali membantutkan usaha aku untuk menambah baik blog ini. Antara yg paling tak best sekali adalah penggunaan javascript yang tidak dibenarkan dalam Oleh sebab itu aku tak dapat lagi upload video2 tutorial yg aku ada. Mungkin ada org kata kenapa tak guna youtube or googlevideo.. Aku dah try kedua-dua option ini tapi kualiti video yg ditunjukkan tidak sesuai untuk video tutorial.

Oleh sebab itu dengan pengaruh dan galakan oleh pakcik aku aka Acu yang menyarankan aku membeli domain name dan hosting untuk tujuan ini. Setelah berfikir selama 5 saat aku pun bersetuju walaupun aku masih mentah dalam hosting, website development, dan bla bla bla…… Dulu time sekolah pernah belajar skit2 tapi tak khatam abis. So minat tu masih ada. Jadi platform blog yg sedia ada sekarang ini akan diubah ke platform dan tak lama lagi akan ada timbullah website dan blog terbaru dari aku 1-2 bulan dari sekarang. Aku buat rileks la sebab tgh pack skit akhir sem ni disamping exam hujung bulan January.. So aku slow2 la..

Ada apa2 cadangan dan idea boleh la mengomen kat bawah ni…

Morning Glory

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Morning Glory, originally uploaded by tjunkie (Art is never finished, only abandoned).

I came around this photo I found on flickr… Other people maybe tak npk significant nya tp once aku tgk gambar ni satu perkataan muncul dlm kepala otakku..I P O H …..yaaa Ipoh, tmpt kelahiranku, tmpt jatuh bangun ku, tmpt aku start kehidupan ku..landscape yg unik ni dgn berlatarkan gunung batu kapur dan tasik/lombong hanyalah terdapat di Ipoh.. Ingat lg time aku sekolah2 dulu kalau free je hari Sabtu aku dan member2 kayuh basikal ramai2 pegi 1 gua yg bernama Gua Kek Lok Tong dkt Rapat Setia.. Kat blakang gua tu ade la taman2 utk org beriadah ngan ada tasik mcm ni… Best gile time tu

Tgk gambar ni jugak membuatkan ku sedikit homesick.. Bila la nk balik msia nih..Tak sabar nk blk n capture landscape di msia byk2.. Takpe2, tahan lagi 8 bulan…

*edit: Photographer asal tu dah pun mengesahkan yg gambar itu diambil dari Gua Kek Lok Tong… looks like my memory still serve me well…

Photo Outing@Hope Valley

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Hope Valley v1.1, originally uploaded by IzaD’s playground….

Hari Sabtu lps, aku, Amru, Poji, dan Kodiang berphoto outing di Hope Valley aka Castleton…Time2 autumn nk masuk winter nih mmg selalu hujan so ikut weather forecast hari tu pun kata hujan tp diselangi dgn mentari skit2..Time pegi pun hujan tp disebabkan keghairahan ‘adik2’ yg mahu menuntut ilmu dari otai maka aku gagahkan diri utk pergi..hahaha

Sampai kat sana pun hujan lg..Tapi renyai2 la xla mcm hujan kat msia.. Yg aku tak tahan tu angin memang sikit punye lah kuat.. Sejuk gile beb..Mahu tak mahu jalan jugak la demi mencapai objektif TT nih..

Maka mendaki bukitlah kami berempat dalam keadaan angin yg lagi kuat sebab kat bukit tu angin lg kuat..Ade la dlm 30 min daki.. Sampai atas jari tangan pun dah naik beku.. Aku lebih teruja utk memanaskan jari ku dari jariku menekan shutter camera. Yg lain plak agak ghairah snap disana sini.. Ingin aku stresskan lg di sini keadaan angin kat situ amatlah laju sampai kdg2 aku nk bukak mata pun susah.. Tripod cap ayam aku pun xboleh withstand keaadaan ni.. So xbyk la aku dpt shoot… Ade la 2-3 yg menjadi.. Biasa le, kalau kita berburu/memancing xsemestinya kita dpt hasil yg best.. Begitu juga lah dalam landscape photography nih..

Papehal bg la comment..hehe

Izad’s Lightroom Workflow

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Kali ni aku nk tunjukkan pula workflow aku bila aku gunakan Adobe Photoshop Lightroom(Lr), satu photo-editing software yg semakin mendapat tempat dikalangan photographer sebab ia mudah, cepat dan berkesan. Tapi bagi aku still tak dapat menandingi Photoshop(Ps).. Senang cakap kalu nak edit mudah2 pakailah mende ni tp kalau nk pakai layer2 sume watlah kat Ps…

  1. Kene import dulu gambar ke Lr..Go to File>Import Photos from Disk. Akan keluarlah gambar kat Lr di bahagian Library tu..Dari sini korg bole tag,rate or flag gambar utk pilih mane yg best.
  2. Then, go to Develop section and double click photo mane yg korg nk edit.
  3. 1st mende yg aku check ialah white balance..Adakah photo itu sesuai dgn white-balance nye?Jika tak bolehla ubah wb tu utk jadikan gambar tu lebih ‘sejuk’ atau lebih ‘panas’..
  4. Check exposure…Kalau under, tmbahkan exposure gambar dan sebaliknya. Biasanya aku hanya ubah skit kat exposure dalam julat -1.00 to +1.00 depends on picture
  5. Adjust Contrast kalau perlu.
  6. Contrast juga boleh diubah di Tone Curve..Di tone curve, korg boleh adjust highlights, lights, darks, and shadows.. Kebiasaanya, contrast yg baik boleh dicapai dgn membentukkan curve kepada bentuk ‘S’. Atau kalau korg malas boleh tukat ke Strong Contrast dekat Point Curve.
  7. Adjust colours..di sini korg boleh adjust dan enrich colours of the photo. Ade 8 colours yg boleh diubah-suai die punya hue, saturation dan luminance.
  8. Sharpening kalau perlu…bergantung kpd gambar tp selalunya kat amount tu value yg molek adalah dlm 80-100.. Utk radius amatlah jarang aku tukr..fix di 1.0 or kalo nk tambah dlm 0.5-1.0.. Detail lak lbh kurng same dgn amount while masking aku slalu buat lbh skit dari value kat detail..
  9. Kalo gambar korg suffers vignetting(slaunye digicam biase xmengalami masalah ini) boleh adjust kat part vignetting tu. Kalo nk tambah vignetting pun boleh. Ini selalunya dibuat utk buatkan photo kita ala-ala classic gitu..
  10. Dah siap lah kalo dah sampai sini.. Cuma kalau tak brapa puas hati lg boleh lah adjust2 blk mende2 kat atas ni.. Untuk burned image tu ke Jpeg go to File>Export.. Specify folder mana nk ltk dan amik quality 100%. Click OK..

Check balik folder mana korg ltk dan tgk la hasil editan korg.. Puas hati bukan? Mudah dan cepat bukan? hahaha.. Banyak songeh lak aku nih..

Video utk tutorial ni aku akan upload lps aku abis convert video ni.. PC aku ni processor die slow nk mampus